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* My son is having a fantastic school year. I wanted to thank you all for providing him with the tools, he needed early on to be a huge success in school. 

*Wee Care is a great place to take your children. They have a caring staff of people, and a wonderful preschool program. My 3 year old has a lot of fun there. Sometimes the staff will take the children down to the playscape park by Walmart. My two other children went there when they were little. Wee Care is a daycare center I would recommend to parents.  

* Wee Care is a great place. The staff are very kind and welcoming. My child has been going there for almost 3 months now and I am glad I made the decision to send her there. When I first enrolled her, she was not really communicating well. In the three months she has been there we have noticed a huge increase in her vocabulary.  I would like to thank the staff for working with her. I would highly recommend Wee Care to other parents. It truly is a great place. 

*Letter from family that was moving: Wee Care Staff:  I appreciate the care you provided for Nadiya over the past year.  This center provides quality care and education and we are very pleased with choosing you to provide this for our child.  This is truly an invaluable experience.  Thanks again and God bless!