Infant Room- The infants are special little people, who need extra TLC. We do allow for them to dictate their own schedule, which means they eat and sleep on demand. We do keep portfolios of each child in our center starting with the infants.  Starting at 4 months and every 2 months after, we do an Ages and Stages assessment with your child.  These assessments let us know if there are any areas of development that your child may need extra help in. We read stories to them, have music playing in the background and stories on tape to promote early verbal skills. We also make sure each infant has daily tummy time, which helps promote good muscle development. We do practice safe sleep and infants are only placed on their backs in their cribs for sleeping. We do recognize that infant's brains are developing at a very fast pace, and they need stimulating activities and we do try to provide each child with this. Infants go outside on a daily basis (weather permitting).

Toddler Room -  Toddlers are very busy little people. Their learning and energy never ends. In the toddler room the staff works hard to have planned activities daily to engage the children's curiosity. The staff guides the children from one activity to the next throughout the day, to keep them safe, happy, entertained, and always learning. They do have a predictable routine that is followed, which allows for story time, circle time with a weekly theme, music and movement, sensory play, outdoor play (weather permitting), blocks, puzzles, and plenty of free choice time. Ages and Stages assessments continue in the toddler room and are done every 3 months.

Preschool Rooms -  At Wee Care Christian Preschool and Child Care Center we have three different preschool rooms. The first preschool room is for children between the ages of two and a half through early threes. The second room is a mixture of older three year olds and four year olds and the third room is for four year olds only. In each room the children are continually learning and the teachers develop and adjust themes and learning according to the children's needs and/or interests. The daily activities include circle time with calendar, music and movement, art, literature, science, dramatic play, early math skills and sensory play.  The children also have daily outdoor time and free choice time.   The children are learning with every activity they do. Our staff works hard to make sure the environment and activities are stimulating and of course, the Ages and Stages assessments continue through all of the preschool rooms at regular intervals.

School Aged- We do offer after school care for children during the school year and any days off during the school year including any vacation time. During the summer we do have weekly themes for the children and we keep them busy with a number of different activities.
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